Helianthus” Guesthouse is not just a special destination for your accommodation. The hospitality, the tranquility and the beauty create an ideal atmosphere for those who are looking for small moments of relaxation. With respect to the traditional construction rules the guesthouse was build, by using plenty of natural light, with dominant elements, the purity of ground floor and direct alignment with the external environment. “Helianthus” Guesthouse has nine rooms (double and triple). Each room has its own identity which combines the comfort and the simplicity. The greek flowers of nature was used in order to decorate the guesthouse’s rooms: The iasmos, the iris, the hibiscus, the dianthus, the anthemis the amaryllis, the althea, the hyacinthus, and the valeriana, are available for visitors to enjoy. Harmonious colors on the walls, simple lines in furniture, minimalist lighting, branded personal care products and the most basic of all ecological sleep systems, are available.   The curtains, the white goods, the duvets, are selected from natural materials in similar shades and are combined harmoniously with each other. Live the experience and the charm of luxury in a place with a unique style. WELLFARE requires thoughts with clarity, simplicity, quality of life, elements which the “Helianthus” Guesthouse offered you.

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Handling service; Avion Cluj-Napoca-Salonic Cluj Napoca - Salonic; Taxa aeroport CLJ; Avion Salonic-Cluj-Napoca Salonic - Cluj Napoca; Package commission; Rounding; 50% upon reservation and 50% three weeks before arrival

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